For any writer – especially independently published writers – publicity is important. I don’t have the budget and huge marketing machine of a big publishing company like Penguin or Random House. My publicity department is me, and my advertising budgets are not that big.

So if you are a journalist, book reviewer, podcaster, etc, and can help me get the word out about my books, please do get in touch. I am very receptive to publicity offers. I will do interviews, give away free review copies of my books, and so on. You just need to ask. I’m a very nice guy. I won’t bite!

If you need a photograph of me for an article, please use one of the ones below. Click on the picture to bring up a bigger version. If you need it bigger still, contact me and request it. I will send it to you right away.

Here are also high-resolution book covers and some other stuff you may want to use. Please be aware that this is all copyrighted and therefore you can only use it for media purposes.