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The Renegade Spy Is Now Out In German – Staatsfeind!

Eighteen months after the English version made its debut, the German translation of the Renegade Spy is finally out – Staatsfeind, Kampf Ohne Regeln!

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writing tips

Facebook Live #2 : Mark Talks Autographs, Paperbacks & Writing Tips

On Tuesday, I did my second Facebook Live session. In this one, I went into my new autograph cards, my paperback books, and questions from viewers relating to writing tips and my inspirations.

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facebook live

Facebook Live #1 : Mark Talks Spies, Scorpions & Sigourney Weaver

Last week, I finally bit the bullet and started Facebook Live streaming. I have never been more nervous in my entire life. Being live, there is obviously no possibility of edits or do-overs. But after 50 minutes, I realised I immensely enjoyed the experience.

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NASA Releases a Free Online Archive: 140,000 Photos, Videos & Audio Files

Since the 1990s, NASA has published hundreds of photos & videos online, but these efforts have been fragmentary. That changed this month with the release of a huge photo archive — 140,000 pictures, videos, and audio files.

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Soviet superstitions

The CIA Had a SECRET Report On Soviet Superstitions

A formerly SECRET report uncovered in the Central Intelligence Agency’s declassified archives show that in the earliest days of the Cold War, the CIA took an interest in Soviet superstitions.

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Mary Shelley’s Handwritten Manuscripts of Frankenstein Now Online for the First Time

Thanks to the newly-opened Shelley-Godwin Archive, you can read “for the first time in digital form all the known manuscripts of Frankenstein,” Mary Shelley’s finest work and arguably the most famous work of British Romanticism.

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blaming the writer

Blaming The Writer For Not Liking The Book

Kristine Rusch is fast becoming one of my favourite bloggers when it comes to business dealings for independent writers. She also has very insightful opinions on the state of the book industry today, such as this article.

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La Espia Indomable

The Spanish Renegade Spy Is Now On Pre-Order

The German version is held up in the editing process, but the Spanish one is full-steam ahead. My first foreign-language version of my debut novel, “The Renegade Spy”, is now on pre-order at Amazon, entitled “La Espia Indomable”.

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terri wilson

My Video Interview On Terri Loves Books

Here is a video interview I did last week with Terri Wilson, who runs a book website. She interviewed me about my Department 89 books, as well as other things such as my writing technique, and even a question that almost stumped me at the end!

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last wishes

Should An Dying Author’s Last Wishes Be Respected?

A fascinating piece in the Guardian newspaper a couple of days ago, about dead authors and their last wishes for their work after they are dead. The Guardian piece does a nice job of summarising some of them, showing that literary executors is not an enviable job.

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