Mark O’Neill’s Trusted Partners & Affiliates

trusted partners

The following are companies which I consider to be trusted partners or affiliates. All are 100% recommended for their customer service and professionalism. I stake my reputation on it (and for me, that’s a big thing).

This page is still in its very early stages, as I am still negotiating arrangements with companies, and setting up partnerships. So check back often.

TZ Foto (Würzburg, Germany)

Thomas Zitzmann

Do you need a professional photographer who knows his business inside and out? Thomas is a very good friend of mine, who has been involved in the printing business a long time, and has been involved with photography for also a very long time.

He can professionally optimise your photos in Photoshop, as well as design professional looking coffee-table photo books. All for a very reasonable price. If you have any other photography-related business, I’m sure he would be willing to consider it.

Thomas is based in Germany, but the Internet being the Internet, international orders are possible. If you are unable to pay Thomas directly into his German bank account, I can accept Paypal payments on his behalf. I can also accept file transfers into my Dropbox folder or Google Drive folder (and send them back to you).

Just go to the TZ Foto Impressum page for contact details.