mark daoust

Mark Daoust @markdaoust
Owner Quiet Light Brokerage, Inc.

Mark is one of the fastest and most natural writers I have ever had the pleasure of working with! He does a great job of taking complex material and boiling it down to what is essential. His writing style is relaxed, yet formal enough for my audience, and he has shown a great ability to modify his stylings when needed.

I have hired a lot of writers over the years, but I have never worked with a writer as long as I have worked with Mark. Mark and I have developed a great rapport and system for quick turnarounds. In addition, since Mark took over our social media accounts, traffic is up significantly from those channels.

Finding a solid, reliable writer is difficult. Mark is really a great find!


brian wallace

Brian Wallace @nowsourcing
President, NowSourcing, Inc

Mark is consistently one of the best writers out there. In-depth, to the point, and sticking to his guns, Mark doesn’t disappoint. His articles are frequently shared and picked up on larger publications.


guy mcdowell

Guy McDowell @guymcdowell
IT Support & Training Specialist at S. & D. Smith Central Supplies Limited

As an editor, Mark’s oversight of my work has helped me to become a better writer. He skillfully balances the ability to keep a person on task without being overbearing. I believe that leads to a more productive work environment.

As a writer, I find Mark to be excellent at presenting information that might be confusing to some, in a clear and concise manner. He is very adept at matching his writing to his audience – neither speaking over their heads nor patronizing them. That’s a very difficult thing to do in the world of technical writing.

As a co-writer, Mark continues to mentor me and other writers. He’s a pretty busy person, so I appreciate when he takes the time to show me something that can help me be a better writer.


ike mulier

Ike Haitsma Mulier
Former Head of Communities and Forum Operations at Skype

Mark is trustworthy, reliable and client friendly. I have always been proud to have Mark working for me and enjoy his great sense of humour.

I can recommend Mark to everyone who is looking for an honest and hardworking “addition” to his/her company.


ina steiner

Ina Steiner @ecommercebytes
Editor and co-founder of EcommerceBytes.com

Mark wrote regularly for AuctionBytes for 2 years (until he left us for a gig with a vendor in the industry). His writing is outstanding in every way, he is thorough and entertaining. His greatest skill was making things easily understandable to readers.

High marks for being a great writer and a good person.


matthew hughes

Matthew Hughes @matthewhughes
Writer at MakeUseOf.com

Mark is a reliable, personable individual with an enthusiasm for technology and a flair for writing. He has been helpful in the past, and I’m proud to call him a colleague.


nancy messieh

Nancy Messieh @nfm
Editor, Writer, Photographer, Geek

Mark’s style and attitude as a managing editor were extremely motivating. He managed a sizeable team scattered all over the world and clearly had a personal relationship with each writer that reported to him. It was an absolute pleasure getting the chance to work with him.


christian cawley

Christian Cawley @christiancawley
Android & Online Security Writer & Editor

With an easy-going day-to-day style masking a determined, steel will, Mark provided me with amazing support and guidance throughout my early months at MakeUseOf.com.

His personality shone through the team, and gave me the confidence (both directly and indirectly) to achieve more than I initially set out to do. As such, Mark’s impact on my relatively young career will always be appreciated.


angela randall

Angela Randall @angelasmange
Online Careerist, Editor, Writer & Social Media Manager

Mark’s a visionary, highly driven, and extremely organised manager. As a writer and editor he has a fantastic style and sense of humour that comes through in his delivery. He also has a natural instinct for the perfect way to tell a story.


saikat basu

Saikat Basu @saikytweets
Copywriter & Technology Blogger

A mentor and the go-to guy for advice. That’s how I can describe Mark in a short sentence. He was my boss when I joined MakeUseOf, and his gentle advice guided me through the early years of freelance writing. I am still trying to steal the lighter strokes from his writing style. I am sure he will notice when I get it just right.

Give Mark a lukewarm topic and rest assured he will pour some life into it. I have known him for the better part of a decade and for half of that I have had the pleasure to edit his work. He has always been faultless in his efforts and always faithful towards deadlines.

As a writer, he is senior to me, and I have taken every opportunity to learn from him. He has never turned me away. The nuanced use of humor (among many other things) has been the biggest takeaway from all the lessons I have learned from him.

Currently, as an editor, I am responsible for publishing some of his work for MakeUseOf. He makes it easy for me with his customary thorough job.


lori soard

Lori Soard @lorisoard
Writing and Editing Consultant

I worked as Mark’s editor at Top Secret Writers. Mark is diligent about research and is a pleasure to work with.

His work has that extra edge that makes it interesting and makes you want to read the entire piece. His life experience is vast and adds another level to his prose that many writers don’t have.


yan fortin

Yan Fortin @geeksaresexy
Web Entrepreneur, Editor in Chief Geeks Are Sexy

Mark is a very professional and dependable individual. He wrote for Geeks Are Sexy from 2007 to 2008 and was consistently providing great content for the site.


tina sieber

Christina Sieber @tinasieber
Freelance Journalist & Project Manager

Mark has been a pleasure to work with, not least due to his excellent work ethic. He is dependable, diligent, and routinely delivers high quality work. Above all, Mark has a rare talent for engaging people through his writing. Whether it’s mundane emails or otherwise bland tech articles, he adds his character and makes them fun to read, yet informative and professional.

When I started out as a tech writer with MakeUseOf, Mark took me on, patiently showed me the ropes, and encouraged me to develop my skills. Without him, I wouldn’t be earning a living in this industry today. He’s been a mentor to me.


Julie Liu

Julie Liu @julieliu2588
Marketing Manager, iMyFone

Mark is a very professional and reliable writer. He helped write a full review of our software, which we published at MacWorld UK. The review was really very impressive. Mark also helped proofread our official site. We love his work!


Ahron Glazer

Ahron Glazer @ahronglazer
CEO, Blue Thread Marketing

As an outsourced support, Mark performed as if he was part of the team. He delivered his work earlier than promised and his quality was excellent.


Bryan O'Neil

Bryan O’Neil @bryanoneilcom
Website Broker & Entrepreneur, Bryan O’Neil

Mark is a pleasure to work with. His writing style is unique and he takes good care to research the subject thoroughly before producing content. I can highly recommend Mark’s services.