Below are the writing tools, books, and reference tools that I use and can recommend. Some of the links have affiliate codes at the end, but this does not affect my recommendation in any way. I would have recommended it, even if there was no affiliate program.

Distribution Of eBooks

Bookfunnel – great for distributing your eBooks to readers with a minimum of fuss.

Formatting & Publishing of eBooks

Draft2Digital – an aggregator that will send your manuscripts to various eBook platforms. They now offer templates for formatting your books, which are free to use and can be exported to other platforms.
PublishDrive – another aggregator but this one distributes your books to different international markets.It also gets the book onto Google Play, which is normally quite difficult to do.
Scrivener – I use Scrivener on and off (I prefer Google Office) but I know MANY people who utterly swear by Scrivener. You can get it for Windows or Mac.
Vellum – VERY pricey but very worth it. This should be seen as a long-term investment that will reap dividends in the long run.
Learn Scrivener Fast – As I said, I don’t use Scrivener often but I know many professional authors that do and love it. This is a highly popular and acclaimed course which every Scrivener power-user swears by.
Book Design Templates – Vellum is a great program but its templates are severely limited. Book Design Templates is a nice alternative which gives you countless other design options.

Marketing & Promotion

Mailerlite – excellent mailing list service. Easy to use, very reasonable pricing, and it’s easy to make fantastic looking newsletters. Their automation sequences are simply amazing.
Buffer – used to automate social media updates on Twitter and Facebook.
Ratings Catcher – sends you an email when you get new reviews for your books (I’ve stopped using this now, due to the cost, but a free option which works quite well is Deep Watch).
Sumo – I am only a recent convert to Sumo and they have some really fantastic marketing tools (paid ones, but well worth the money).

Recommended Writers Books