Many people have asked me for the exact order in which the books should be read in. So here you go. If there is a translation, it is in brackets after the English title.

Books 1-3 can also be bought as a box-set, and 4-6 also as a box-set. The first four case files are also available as a box-set.

Department 89 Series

  1. The Renegade Spy (German : Staatsfeind. Spanish : La Espia Indomable)
  2. The Reichsbank Gold (German : Das Gold Der Reichsbank)
  3. The Executioner (German : Die Vollstreckerin)
  4. The Traitor
  5. Sovereign Territory (Spanish : Territorio Soberano)
  6. The Assassin’s Child (Spanish : La Hija Del Asesino)
  7. The Beethoven Syndrome
  8. The Peace Emissary
  9. Operation Eternal Vengeance
  10. Above The Law
  11. Regime Change
  12. Operation Thunderbolt (coming January 24th 2020)
  13. The Dresden Cannibal
  14. The Bavarian Protocol
  15. Sleeper Agent
  16. The Shadow Government
  17. The Hindenburg Cipher
  18. The Fourth Reich Conspiracy
  19. Double Agent
  20. The Stasi Connection

The Scorpion Series

  1. The Desert Scorpion
  2. The Praetorian Scorpion
  3. The Renegade Scorpion