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Ohrdruf Notgeld 50 Pfenning, 1921

Last updated on July 9, 2018

Ohrdruf Notgeld

I have been collecting various collections since 2003, to combat the continual clinical depression that I go through. My main collection is stamps, having started my own, and inheriting two other collections, but I also collect a few other things. One of them is Notgeld. My favourite one is this Ohrdruf Notgeld banknote.

Notgeld is basically “emergency money” in German, and it was used during the 1920’s, after the First World War had ended, and inflation was spiralling out of control. The Versailles Peace Treaty was punishing Germany severely with crippling reparations, and this had the effect of crashing the German economy and making ordinary money worthless. You literally needed millions of Reichsmarks to buy a loaf of bread.

Out of this chaos came Notgeld. Each state, region, town, village, etc, pretty much made their own money. These places used the opportunity to show off what they could do artistically, as well as promote German culture, lifestyle, and perhaps political statements.

Some of the later money had values of millions of marks, but the one below is only for 50 pfenning (half a Reichsmark).

Ohrdruf Notgeld

Ohrdruf Notgeld

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