La Espia Indomable

The German version is held up in the editing process, but the Spanish one is full-steam ahead. My first foreign-language version of my debut novel, The Renegade Spy, is now on pre-order at Amazon, entitled “La Espia Indomable” (The Indomitable Spy).

The Kindle version will go on sale on August 30th at the price of 99 cents. The paperback copy will appear a few days later at the price of $6.99.

I had some great help with getting it out. Kristina Henneke designed the cover, Natalia Steckel did the translation, and Maria Martha Arce edited and checked it.

There’s something particularly satisfying seeing your work in a foreign language. It’s almost as if you are starting to attain global reach. Let’s hope the sales figures reflect that.

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