Frequently Asked Questions

Sure. Tell me what format of the book you are reading and the page number and the whole sentence for context. I will then fix it.

Yes. Once I have done a few Department 89 books, and got that series launched, I intend to start a couple of other series. One will be a crime series set in 1920’s Berlin. I am also thinking about a science-fiction/crime series (yes, both genres can peacefully co-exist with one another!)

I also have rough plans for a couple of non-fiction history books about Germany.

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No. I like to keep the 10% for myself! All enquiries should be sent to me directly.

Hop on over to the Press page for all your needs.

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You will have to contact the customer support department of the company you bought the book from. As you can imagine, trying to fix these things myself would be extremely time consuming and difficult.

I’m sorry to hear that you think that the book wasn’t that good. However, if you want a refund, you have to directly ask Customer Support of the company you bought the book from. I am unable to get involved in individual disputes.

Not yet, but I am planning it. Subscribe to the newsletter to be told when the audiobook versions will be available.

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No, not yet. But I am planning it.

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No. Due to legal reasons, I cannot entertain story pitches.

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