Sovereign Territory

Sovereign Territory

You Can't Run From Justice From Sophie Decker

A drunken US diplomat accidentally kills six German children in a car accident. But when he and his corrupt US Ambassador boss decide to invoke diplomatic immunity to protect a scam they are running against their own government, that is one step too far for the German government. Major Sophie Decker decides to prove that there is no such thing as sovereign territory.
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About the Book

A drunken US Embassy official in Berlin crashes his car into a playground and kills six German children. But when it emerges that he intends to exercise his right to diplomatic immunity to escape prosecution, that is one step too far for German Chancellor Claudia Meyer.

The official is being protected by a corrupt US Ambassador, and it is up to Major Sophie Decker of Department 89 to find out what the scam is, and to use that information to force the ambassador to waive the diplomatic immunity.

But as the heat intensifies, and an enraged German public lashes out against the US Embassy, will the German chancellor risk all-out war with the United States by violating their sovereign territory?

Series: Department 89, Book 4
Genre: Thriller
Tag: Department 89
Publisher: Obsessed With Books
Publication Year: 2017
Format: eBook
Length: Short Story
ISBN: 9781386284734
List Price: Free for email subscribers
eBook Price: $1.49
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About the Author
Mark O'Neill

Mark O'NeillMark O'Neill is a former technology journalist and government civil servant. Originally from Scotland, he has been writing for nearly 30 years, both for money and for pleasure.

An incurable bibliophile with over 1,000 books, Mark lives in Germany with his wife and dog.

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