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The Desert Scorpion

Last updated on June 27, 2019

The Desert Scorpion
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Series: The Scorpion, Book 1
Genre: Thriller
Tag: scorpion
Publisher: Obsessed With Books
Publication Year: 2018
Format: eBook
Length: Short Story

In "The Renegade Spy", the Scorpion is an assassin for hire, paid to assassinate the German chancellor. But many years before, he was a soldier in the French Foreign Legion. A man with honour and integrity. What happened?

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About the Book

If You Cross The Scorpion, Beware Of Its Deadly Sting….

It’s 2003 and the Iraq conflict is at its height. Sergeant Jens Schacht is a German soldier in the French Foreign Legion. A man with honour and integrity.

So when he walks in on an attempted sexual assault on an Iraqi civilian, he can’t look away, so he breaks up the assault. The perpetrators, led by a British army Major, vow revenge. The Major calls in a “friendly-fire” airstrike, intended to both settle scores and to silence Schacht and his men permanently.

But Schacht and another soldier survive the horrific attack. They know immediately who is responsible and both vow to track down the attackers, one by one, and watch them die very slowly….

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