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Department 89 Series Books 4-6 Boxset

Last updated on October 23, 2019

Department 89 Series Books 4-6 Boxset
eBook: $9.99
Series: Department 89 Boxsets, Book 2
Genre: Thriller
Tags: Boxsets, Department 99
Publisher: Obsessed With Books
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback & eBook
Length: Boxset
ASIN: B07YF5411Z

About the Book

Department 89 is a secretive German Military Intelligence department that deals with the worst threats to the German state. They are unofficial, ruthless, and above the law.

Now read books 4-6 in the award-winning series in one exclusive box-set at a bargain price!


Department 89 has a ruthless enemy in the government who wants the department destroyed. He has tried and failed twice. After the death of one of Major Decker’s agents, the traitor knows he has only one shot left.

Decker must use all means necessary to silence the traitor forever.


North Korea carries out an attack in Berlin, the most serious attack on the city since World War II.

Major Sophie Decker is ordered to mercilessly hunt down and kill everyone connected with the attack. Under pressure to deliver quick decisive results, Decker ultimately resorts to reckless and illegal measures.


The war against North Korea has ground to a halt. Allies are deserting under pressure from an aggressive US President, and Pyongyang is launching devastating terrorist attacks inside Germany.

Germany decides to regain the initiative with a huge and decisive strike against the North Korean regime. The task is given to Major Decker and her elite Department 89.

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