About Mark O'Neill

Hi! I am a 40-something Scotsman (you will have to guess exactly how old I am!), now living in Würzburg, Germany. I'm married to a beautiful German woman, and we own a crazy but loveable and adorable dog called Schlumpf, who's charging 20% to be my literary agent. He campaigned heavily for major characters to be dogs and was disappointed when I didn't take him up on the suggestion. However, the next bad guy might get a dog - maybe.

I am a former technology journalist, with past experience working for newspapers, magazines, and websites. Writing for almost 30 years, I didn't have the confidence to publish fiction until I made the acquaintance of Mark Dawson, independent author of the famous John Milton novels. Now I have outlines for no less than twenty books for my Department 89 spy thriller series and I am hoping Krysten Ritter will make time to play Sophie Decker in the inevitable Hollywood movie.

If that wasn't enough, I also have outlines for the first couple of books in a German crime series, and a few ideas for non-fiction books about Germany. As you can see, Germany is a recurring theme. Having lived here a long time, I consider myself German now, so I like to promote my adopted country as much as I can.

What else is there about me? I am a "bleeding heart liberal" (which I make no apologies for). I detest hypocrisy, liars, inequality, cruelty, prejudice, and racism.

Oh and I like giraffes. Adore them actually.

Last of all, don't call me at 3.00pm as the dog and I have our scheduled afternoon nap at that time every day for one hour. However you can reach me anytime by emailing me. I will reply when I wake up.

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