Mark O'NeillWho Is Mark O’Neill? (The Long Version)

Mark is a 40-something Scotsman, now living in Würzburg, Germany. He’s married to a beautiful German woman and also part-owner to a crazy dog called Schlumpf, who’s charging 20% to be Mark’s literary agent and book doctor. He campaigned heavily for major characters to be dogs and was disappointed when Mark didn’t take him up on the suggestion.

Mark is a former technology journalist, with past experience working for newspapers, magazines, and websites. Writing for almost 30 years, he didn’t have the confidence to publish fiction until he met Mark Dawson, independent author of the famous John Milton novels. Now he has outlines for no less than twenty books for his Department 89 spy thriller series (assuming the writers block doesn’t get him first).

If that wasn’t enough, he also has outlines for the first couple of books in a German crime series, and a few ideas for non-fiction books about Germany. As you can see, Germany is a recurring theme. Having lived here a long time, Mark considers himself German now, so he likes to promote his adopted country as much as he can.

Mark O'NeillIn a previous life, Mark was a Jack-of-all-trades, including being a government civil servant, working in hotels, travelling around Europe, and one day selling insurance before realising he hated selling over the phone. He also spent a couple of years working as a civilian employee on a US Army base here in Würzburg.

Mark has epilepsy and clinical depression, and he tries to promote awareness of the conditions whenever he can. Not many people are sufficiently educated on these medical conditions and Mark strongly feels this needs to change. Watch out for books on this very subject coming soon.

Who Is Mark O’Neill? (The Short & Blunt Version)

Mark is a self-described “bleeding heart liberal” (which he makes no apologies for). He detests hypocrisy, liars, inequality, cruelty, prejudice, racism, and he believes the richest people in society have a moral obligation to provide for the poorest of society. This can be in the form of paying more taxes to fund government aid programs, volunteering for charities that help the disadvantaged, or simply by being a decent humane human being that doesn’t hesitate to help someone who is clearly in need of help.

Mark loves food (especially pizza), loves books (reading and collecting them, although he has radically scaled back his collection recently, due to space problems in his office) and he is a big believer in getting enough sleep. He and his dog have their regular afternoon nap every day.

You can reach Mark anytime by emailing him.