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Do you need a professional, reliable, experienced writer that you can trust? Look no further. With 27 years experience, I can deliver on your projects - at an unbeatable price.

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Whether it's blog posts, editing, ghostwriting, copywriting, scripts, videos, and more, I can do it quickly and I can do it well. Take advantage of my many years of experience.

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I am readily accessible via email and social media. Get in touch with me today to discuss your requirements, and I can then give you a quote so I can begin work. Prices start from $100 for a blog post.

"Mark is one of the fastest and most natural writers I have ever had the pleasure of working with!"

"His writing is outstanding in every way, he is thorough and entertaining"

"A mentor and the go-to guy for advice. Give Mark a lukewarm topic and rest assured he will pour some life into it."

"His work has that extra edge....his life experience is vast and adds another level to his prose that many writers don’t have."

"Without Mark, I wouldn’t be earning a living in this industry today. He’s been a mentor to me."

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